Mt. Konocti 
Yoga Shack

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We have filmed a Healthy Back Yoga Class and it is available on youtube and facebook.  Some have requested hardcopies.  This may take some time.  For now please enjoy it in the cloud!

Rama Deva has accepted a full time position at Sonoma Valley Hospital as their Wellness Coordinator.  He is very excited about this opportunity to share health in a system known mainly for illness and injury.  Arch is still teaching Tai Chi in various locations and Svetlana is available for Acuouncture.  The rest of the family is now living in Kenwood, Ca.  Rama Deva is teaching at the Yoga Community Wed eve at 6pm and Saturdays at 8:45am.  We are very thankful to those who supported the Yoga Shack as well as supporting their own inner unfoldment into radiant beauty and health.  We will still be visiting Lake County at least once a month for Grandma visits.  Massage sessions can be arranged for those weekends.  Please Visit Mary Oom's new wellness center - Transitions - in Kelseyville, Ca for gym, tai chi, yoga and more. 

 Many Blessings of Health.

"Be the Change you seek in the world."  ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Welcome to Mt. Konocti Yoga Shack.  The Yoga Shack is a community supported studio of healing arts.  We offer a safe place to relax, strengthen, learn, and heal.  We believe each of our healing journeys is unique.  Many of the challenges we face alone though when we come together we can overcome even greater obstacles.  The teachings of Yoga inform us that each choice we make leads us towards health or away from it, especially the choice of thoughts and company.  Through active arts such as Yoga, Qigong, and Tai Chi along with passive arts like massage & acupuncture, we begin to create or enhance our Sadhana {Path to Health}.  Students are encuraged to read inspirational spiritual texts, study techniques from a teacher, practice the techniques indepedently, and take time for silent integration/contemplation.  We offer over 15 classes with Yoga, Tai Chi, Kids Yoga & Drumming as well as affordable Acupuncture and Massage sessions. Located in the Clearlake Riviera Community in the scenic rolling hills between the Majestic Mt. Konocti and Clear Lake's southern shores.  


A healthy, thriving community in body, mind, and spirit.

General Information

Please enter the studio respectfully as a shared place for all to heal.  Refrain from unnecessary conversation in the Shala.  Mindful talking is okay in the Ocean Room when no class is in session.  Coversations can be held outside on patio around the corner from entrance.  Feel free to look at the books in the library before/after/while you wait.  If you would like to check a book out please talk to a teacher and have them sign it out.  A donation to the Yoga Shack is appreciatted.  Please return in 3-4 weeks.  

It is recommended to practice on an empty stomach.  Wait 3 hours after large meals and 60-90 min after light meals.  Early AM classes just consume water and perhaps a light breakfast such as green smoothie, fresh fruit, or fresh juice.  Drink plenty of water throughout the day so you don't need any during the practice.  If needed a water bottle can be with you in class.  Drink water directly after class.  Wear soft, flexible, comfortable clothing such as T-shirts, shorts, exercise clothes, etc.  The Shack has extra mats, some blocks, and straps.  Bring your own as needed.  Please be prepared to inform intructors of any health problems.